Background of the Serbian Association of Economists

Background of the Serbian Association of Economists

The Serbian Association of Economists is a non-governmental organization that brings together professional economists and aspires to promote the economics profession for the welfare of society as a whole. The roots of organizing activities of economists in this region are very deep, going back to the early twentieth century. Assuming that the publication of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nation in 1776 represents the very beginning of systematic study of the economics, we can therefore conclude that the experts in this field on the territory of Serbia started organizing quite early. The economists first gathered around the journal Economist which came out as early as 1912. The economists play a significant role in social development and the great ones ensure the success of an economy, as Paul A. Samuelson, the Nobel Prize-winning economist, lucidly pointed out: “I don't care who writes a nation's laws, or crafts its advanced treaties, if I can write its economics textbooks.”

In the period after the Second World War, the enthusiasm of a victorious force spilled over into many aspects of social action, including the economy. The positive experience with the organization of economists in Belgrade gave rise to the initiative for establishment of the Serbian Society of Economists. The Constitutional assembly was held in October 1947. The members of the Executive Committee of this organization were: Jovan Veselinov - president, Prof. Radivoj Uvalić - vice president, and Prof. Miloš Macura - general secretary.

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After its establishment, the Serbian Society of Economists went through intensive development. At the Assembly which took place in Užice in 1963, the Society was transformed into the Serbian Association of Economists, incorporating as its integral parts the Associations of Economists of Vojvodina and Kosovo, as well as the organizations of economists from the largest cities.
An important publishing activity began since the establishment of the Association. The first issue of the journal Economist, whose first editor-in-chief was Prof. Radivoj Uvalić, came out in 1948. In 1955, this journal became the organ of the Yugoslav Association of Economists. The Journal of Business Economics and Management, edited by Prof. Kosta Vasiljević was first published in 1953, while the Economic Thought appeared for the first time in 1966 and its first editor-in-chief was Prof. Ivan Maksimović.

Since its establishment up to the present day, the Serbian Association of Economists has been led by the most prominent academics, business practitioners, and representatives of government and regulatory bodies: Jovan Veselinov, Prof. Slobodan Gligorijević, Prof. Ivan Maksimović, Prof. Miodrag Jovanović, PhD Branko Čolanović, Prof. Stojan Novaković, MSc Božidar Pejić, Prof. Pavle Vasić, Prof. Boris Marović, Prof. Dragan Đuričin, Aleksandar Vlahović. Their achievements represent a rich source of inspiration for the generations of economists to come (academicians, governors, university professors, executives of banks and insurance companies).

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