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70 years of success
For seventy years now since it was founded, the Serbian Association of Economists has been a symbol for trust, expertise, practical solutions, support and cooperation.

The need for economists to make expert contribution to the state administration arose immediately after World War II in 1945, when the first professional association named Serbian Society of Economists was founded.

Good initial results created a foundation for institutional growth, so the Constitutional assembly was held in October 1947. The first president to be elected was Jovan Veselinov and the vice-presidency was assigned to Professor Radivoje Uvalić, while Miloš Macura, Professor and academician, was appointed as general secretary. The following presidents, too, made their authentic contributions to the organisation’s progress. In accordance with its objectives and mission, the Serbian Association of Economists grew and developed during the presidencies of: Radivoje Davidović, Nikola Čobeljić, Mirko Petrović, Bogoljub Stojanović, Dušan Bjelogrlić, Branko Čolanović, Slobodan Gligorijević, Ivan Maksimović, Stojan Novaković, Miodrag Jovanović, Miodrag Nikolić, Božidar Pejić, Pavle Vasić, Boris Marović, Dragan Đuričin, Aleksandar Vlahović.

In 1963, the Serbian Society of Economists was renamed to Serbian Association of Economists, transforming it into an umbrella organisation that brings together respectable individuals, collective members and other economists’ associations and societies in Serbia.

The Serbian Association of Economists is managed by its Presidency which includes 40 respectable economists from the academia and business community. The Association implements the set objectives though scientific, professional and publishing activities, cooperation with higher education and state institutions, companies, banks and insurance companies, similar organisations, both domestic and foreign.

With the aim of achieving higher regional presence, the Serbian Association of Economists, together with the Montenegro Association of Economists, organised the Miločer Economic Forum from 1992 to 2008. This convention dealt with a wide range of matters and topics aimed at business strategies in the transition and post-transition economic policies. As of 2009, the South-East Europe Management Forum picked up where the Miločer convention left off. In cooperation with the IEDC - Bled School of Management, as well as with the Croatian Economic Association, five regional forums were organised, bringing together more than 1,500 participants from Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Together with the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, in 2015 the Serbian Association of Economists organised an Economic Conference, the central theme of which was “The Efficiency of EU Accession Process and Improvement of Regional Competitiveness”. This event was attended by nearly 500 businessmen and representatives of the academia from the region.

Since 2017, the Serbian Association of Economists has been an institutional partner of the Regional Summit of Finance Ministers, Governors and Tax Administration Directors, which is traditionally held in Bečići and organised by the prestigious NIN magazine.

Traditional convention at the national level titled “Institutional Changes as a Determinant of the Republic of Serbia’s Economic Development” is organised by the Serbian Association of Economists in cooperation with the Economic Society of Kragujevac and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Kragujevac.

Niš Economic Forum, organised every year by the Serbian Association of Economists in cooperation with the Niš Society of Economists, brings together a large number of participants from the relevant ministries, the most successful managers, economic advisors, ambassadors, as well as the most respectable university professors. In 2016, a conference of young economists of Serbia was held for the first time within Niš Economic Forum.

The Economic Forum of Young Leaders of Serbia (YES) was held in the same year – it was another encounter of young, energetic and successful people with different professional backgrounds. 160 participants and panellists shared their knowledge, experience and views on knowledge-based development, reforms of the higher education system, social activism, career development.

Serbian Association of Economists and the Vienna Economic Forum organise the convention Vienna Economic Talks – Belgrade Meeting 2017, under the patronage of the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

200 participants from 19 countries, high Government officials and representatives of leading businesses debated on the importance and ways of improving regional economic cooperation.

The first Memorandum of Cooperation with the Vienna Economic Forum was signed in November 2016, and after a successfully completed conference in Belgrade, the Serbian Association of Economists and Vienna Economic Forum signed a Memorandum of Long-term Cooperation with the aim of promoting regional economic connectivity and encouraging regional investment. This implies joint organisation of conferences in the Western Balkan countries.

Publishing activity of the Serbian Association of Economists is reflected in publishing a professional magazine “Ekonomika preduzeća”. By the decision of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, as of 2014 “Ekonomika preduzeća” is listed as a magazine of international importance.

Today, this magazine deals contextually with the problems of business economics, business and management, it is published quarterly and is available online to the wider audience.

For 25 years, Kopaonik Business Forum has brought together renowned experts and eminent names on the domestic and regional economic and political stage. Since 2009, the patron of the Forum is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia.

Organisation of this year’s Forum, with more than 140 panellists, 1,140 participants, 130 foreign and domestic accredited journalists confirmed once more that Kopaonik Business Forum is the most important event of the kind held in our country. Just like the World Economic Forum in Davos is a sort of reality check on a global scale, the Forum is a place that sums up the results of economic policies in Serbia between its two editions.

For the last two years, partner of Kopaonik Business Forum has been Mastercard company, which grants additional stability to the Serbian Association of Economists in raising the quality of this important event.

Since 2010, the Serbian Association of Economists has awarded the Charter for Excellence to the doyens of the Serbian economic and business scene for their remarkable contribution in the field of economic theory and policy and business economics and management.

In the year of celebrating its jubilee, the Serbian Association of Economists extended the list of its successes with the recognition “Best of Serbia” awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications to the most successful Serbian merchandise and corporate brands. Kopaonik Business Forum has been recognised as the best business event in Serbia.

As of 2013, the Serbian Association of Economists has been a full-fledged member of the International Economic Association and is the sole representative of Serbia in this prestigious organisation.

Foundation of the Serbian Association of Economists for Supporting Students of Economics was founded in 2016 with the aim of developing and promoting economic science and profession, affirming gifted students of economics through awards and scholarships, as well as enhancing the quality of science and research work in the field of economic science.

Responsible attitude towards society, clear ideas and precisely defined objectives are what made the Serbian Association of Economists achieve the set goals for seventy years now. In the time to come, as well, with new initiatives, the Serbian Association of Economists continues to popularise economic science and profession and make its invaluable contribution to improving the economy and economic policies.
On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the Serbian Association of Economists released a short documentary film.