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Economics of Enterprise

The journal was established by the Serbian Association of Economists in 1953 under the name Ekonomika preduzeća. Since 2012, the journal has been published in English language on a quarterly basis, in both print and electronic editions. At the beginning of 2024 the journal changes its name into Economics of Enterprise (translated Ekonomika preduzeća).

Following the stance that “economics is the science of the context,” the journal's primary scope of interest encompasses economics, both micro and macro, along with relevant research areas from other scientific fields overlapping with economic issues. Also, the journal has a special interest in management as related issue, both macro management and micro management (or business management). The consequences of the root causes of economic problems and the solutions for mitigating them and making improvements are primarily analyzed from the perspective of enterprise as a basic economic agent.

The journal covers a balanced portfolio of conventional and novel research areas:
•    International Economics and Business
•    Transition and Restructuring
•    Economic Growth and Development
•    Finance
•    Accounting, Auditing and Forensics
•    Tax and Law
•    Management and Strategy
•    Marketing
•    Trade and Logistics
•    Tourism and Hospitality Management
•    Technology Change and Innovation
•    Information Technologies
•    Sustainability and Climate Risks
•    Organizational Design and Change
•    Risk Management
•    Industry Analysis

The Editorial Board welcomes both scientific and professional articles within the journal’s scope of interest. Scientific articles refer to the articles including original contributions and/or major breakthroughs in the field, normally all based on literature cornerstones, empirical tests, tailored models, and benchmark analyses. Professional papers provide fact-based actionable information, techniques and tools relevant to economic professionals from a variety of fields (academics, macroeconomic analysts, policymakers, professional services providers, industry experts, accountants, auditors, etc.), with the aim of keeping them up to date on leading trends in practice.

The mission of the journal is to accelerate the convergence process of Serbia and other economies from Emerging Europe with prosperous economies through research findings and recommendations for improvement. The Editorial Board is designed with the aim of supporting the journal’s mission. Contributions with a comparative perspective are very welcome. The latest focus of the journal is related to the green transition and a shift to a sustainable and inclusive economy, both toward people and nature. Therefore, the ultimate goal that supports our mission is to contribute to social discourse and facilitate the transition from the “new normal” to a “better normal.”
Authors are expected to follow the standardized publication procedure (Instructions for Authors) based on the rules of the journal’s Editorial Policy (Editorial Policy). These guidelines are fully compatible with the generally recognized standards of the international scientific community.

Print ISSN 0353-443X
Online ISSN: 2406-1239