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Belgrade Young Economists Conference

The Association of Economists of Serbia (SES) is proud co-organizer (since 2019) of the Belgrade Young Economists Conference (BYEC). This annual conference is recognized in academic circles as the leading European conference for young academic economists. It has been organized since 2011, first at the National Bank of Serbia and then, since 2015, at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. Over the years BYEC has attracted participants from the top European, American and Canadian universities and several central banks

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The goal of the Conference is to help young researchers polish their papers before presenting them at the job market or submitting them for publication in reputable international journals. In addition, it helps build a vibrant global network of young economists and facilitates their interaction with internationally renowned senior colleagues. Last but not least, BYEC provides a unique opportunity for our young researches to experience top level research and network with their leading international peers.

The conference is small by design (each year only up to 12 papers is accepted) and entrance highly competitive. It provides an efficient way for a small group of select advanced PhD students and recent PhD graduates in all fields of economics and finance to present their research and obtain in-depth feedback on their work through interaction with a group of distinguished international scholars led by Professors Boyan Jovanovic (New York University) and Assaf Razin (Cornell University and Tel Aviv University). At the end of the two-day event prestigious Best Paper Award is awarded.

BYEC puts Serbia and our region on the map of leading international academic conferences in the field of Economics. For this and many other reasons, SES finds it important to support it grow and further develop. We plan to do so in the coming years.

Belgrade Young Economists Conference
In cooperation with the UniCredit Foundation and UniCredit Bank, Serbian Association of Economists and Serbian Scientific Society of Economists, the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, organized a two-day international conference entitled Young Economists Conference on June 23rd and 24th. The conference was established in 2011 with the aim of supporting young researchers from all over the world in their further academic development.

This year, the competition of PhD students and recent graduates from leading international schools was stronger than ever. Eleven papers were presented at the conference. The UniCredit Foundation Best Paper Award was split between the following two papers: “Search in Markets with Uncertain Product Availability” by Atabek Atayev, PhD student at the University of Vienna, and “Automation and the Displacement of Labor by Capital: Asset Pricing Theory and Empirical Evidence” by Jiri Knesl, PhD student at the University of British Columbia.

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