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Kopaonik Business Forum 2021
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Program Committee of the Kopaonik Business Forum has decided to postpone the traditional annual meeting on the most current economic, political and social topics in the country and the region from March to May, 24-27 2021.

Essentially, on the initiative and with the support of long-term partners, sponsors and participants, the intent of the organizers is to hold the forthcoming forum in the traditional format. Kopaonik Business Forum is distinguished not only for the importance of topics and content, but it also represents a unique interactive platform for the exchange of experiences and opinions, as well as a meeting point for business networking of renowned experts and eminent names of domestic and regional economic and political scene.

The event organization, schedule and structure of the panels, as well as the number of participants in the Forum will be adjusted to the current epidemiological situation with the implementation and regard to all health and safety measures, to ensure maximum safety of guests and organizers.

The main title of the XXVIII Kopaonik Business Forum Forum shall be:


GLOBAL CONTEXT: As the world economy struggled over the last decade to address the challenges posed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, migration pressures, and climate change, the coronavirus pandemic quickly toppled these issues and became the mother of all concerns. It killed more than one million people and triggered an unprecedented global economic downturn. Despite the fact that immediate loss of global output and jobs may turn out to be less severe than originally projected, due to monetary easing and enormous fiscal stimulus packages, the world economy is in a desperate need of a structural overhaul. A great reset of the dominant mode of production and trade is needed to shape the global economic recovery and harness the fourth industrial revolution aligned with sustainable environment, public health and education systems, A significantly greater level of international cooperation and commitment to environmental agreements and global public goods will be required to achieve and sustain these results on a regional and global scale.  

More specifically, the Great Reset (term first time mentioned by Mr. Schwab) agenda aims to:
•    steer the market towards fairer outcomes through improved coordination of tax, regulatory, and fiscal policies, better trade arrangements, and improved conditions for a “true stakeholder economy”,
•    align investments with shared goals of equality and sustainability, and
•    harness the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to address health and social challenges and support the public good.

SERBIA AND WESTERN BALKANS. The need for a great global economic reset defines the framework for Serbia response to the Covid 19 crisis which dramatically changed behavioral responses (of consumers and producers) and created a sizeable negative economic impact. The impact was distributed unevenly across sectors and firm sizes with most dramatic changes concentrated in tourism and service sectors, logistics and real estate.

In addition to forcing adjustment and change, this crisis has also created new possibilities and opportunities. By definition, to be utilized these opportunities must be tailored to specific Serbian and WB context defined by the level of economic development, still incomplete transition to a full set of market institutions, imperfect governance systems and inefficient government.

During preparations of the Forum, all information and important notice about the ongoing activities, agenda, participants and sponsors will be published on the web page of the Kopaonik Business Forum:

With our best intentions to respond together to the challenges ahead in the post-pandemic world and with hope that we will be able to increase the number of attendees in May,

Best regards,

KBF Program Committee