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The International Symposium on Corporate Governance
The International  Symposium on Corporate Governance is held annually, in the third week of May, at the ZTC Banja Vrućica. The organizers of the Symposium are Finrar, the journal of the Federation of Accountants and Auditors of Republika Srpska and the Faculty of Economics in Banja Luka. The Symposium also has numerous partners, among is Serbian Association of Economists one of  the most important.
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The symposium brings together representatives of the business community, in addition to domestic and foreign theorists and experts. By presenting different views, opinions and views regarding new trends and challenges in the field of economics, theorists and practitioners, through discussion at this traditional annual gathering, seek to contribute to improving the governance process, as one of the key success factors of business entities. Through presentations by relevant authors and exchange of opinions through panel discussions, management problems are sought to be considered from both the macro and micro aspects.

Discussion on current issues of modern economy, with constructive dialogue of competent participants in the previous fourteen symposia, has received excellent reception and positive reactions of participants. This is certainly a sufficient reason to continue holding this event, as it has proved useful for both students and teachers in the field of economics, economic policy makers and micro-level managers.

The conclusions and views of the Symposium are published in the Finrar Magazine and submitted to the Government of Republika Srpska and other agencies, as they can serve as a good support for policy and strategy development at various levels.
In cooperation with the Faculty of Economics in Banja Luka and with the support of the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Republic of Srpska, the “Finrar” magazine organized the 16th International Symposium on Corporate Governance titled “Sustainable Development in Green Transition". The Symposium was held from May 18th to May 20th in Banja Vrućica.

The Symposium is supported by numerous partners, one of the most important ones being the Serbian Association of Economists. In addition to the President of the Serbian Association of Economists, Mr. Aleksandar Vlahović, several distinguished members of the Presidency took an active part in the Symposium as well: Svetlana Kisić, Prof. Dragan Đuričin, Prof. Miroljub Labus and Prof. Dejan Šoškić.

The topic of this year's Symposium was the impact of climate change on global economic development, with a focus on adjusting small economies. Climate change threatens to degrade nature and existentially threaten the planet. In order to overcome these challenges, the European Union has adopted a document entitled "European Green Deal". This document has ambitions to turn the European Union into a modern, resource-efficient, competitive economy, with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, ie to transform it into the so-called "green economy". A green economy is defined as a low-carbon economy that uses resources efficiently and in a socially acceptable way, that follows knowledge and practices that can lead to environmentally friendly and environmentally responsible decisions and lifestyles that can help protect the environment and maintain its natural resources for present and future generations.

The aim of this Symposium is to offer answers to numerous already present questions and dilemmas regarding the "green transition", as well as the consequences of the pandemic and the challenges of ongoing geostrategic turbulences.
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